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Claire Zakiewicz has been invited to undertake a one-week intensive residency at the Aldeburgh Beach “Look Out,” from July 22 - 28, 2019. Located in the English seaside town in Suffolk, the isolated tower provides a unique opportunity to engage with the iconic cultural landscape and surrounding waters.

Continuing her examination with “Imprecision: The Aesthetics of Failure,” Zakiewicz will develop a new body of work that combines elements from her breath drawings and observation series. Focusing on revealing the differences between internal and external observation, the artist will draw the same scene repeatedly, alternating from direct observation during daylight and blindfolded at night.

Zakiewicz says: “What is the difference between “internal” and “external” vision? I want to reduce drawing, at least for a while, to a minimal practice and explore modes of perception. My aim is to be present in search of a "timeless moment" (to paraphrase Caroline Wiseman, Director of the residency) and to examine my intuition and instincts with and without sight.”
Zakiewicz will also produce a video installation, to be projected on the “Look-Out” tower as an extension of the site itself, and a series of interactive performances as live drawing experiments throughout the residency. For exhibition and performance details contact info@clairezakiewicz.com

Aldeburgh Beach Lookout
31 Crag Path
Suffolk IP15 5BS
United Kingdom





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