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Born in London, UK

Graduates from BTec Foundation (Art & Design) from Chelsea College of Art, London

Graduates with BA in Fine Art (Printmaking) from Anglea Ruskin University, Cambridge

Graduates with MA by Project (Fine Art) from Sir John Cass School of Art, London

Essay Published in "The Aesthetics of Imperfection in Music and the Arts: Spontaneity
, Flaws and the Unfinished" (Bloomsbury)

Duo exhibition with Sophie Seita "There's no way I can know it, the object or the body",
HOXTON 253 Art Project Space, London


Solo exhibiiton "Tintoretto's Daughter", Arteatelier, Venice, Italy

Upcoming solo exhibition at Aldeburgh Beach Lookout, UK, July (more details TBA)

Lives and works in London and New York


"As a performance painter, my work examines relationships between sound and painting and the aesthetics of improvisation. Some of these relationships are physical, immediate and felt, while others are reflective, considered or based on conceptual metaphor. My practice incorporates acting and dance techniques such as Meisner and Contact Improvisation to explore qualities of mark-making through gestural, automatic, accidental and incidental marking interspersed with contemplative periods of judgement, editing and contextualisation.

I’m interested in the vibrancy, vitality and history of places, bodies and objects and the significance of human creativity in the time of AI. My work is an exercise in listening and looking more deeply with the whole body and a meditation on solitude and connection. I am interested in how the digital turn has impacted how we see and how we paint. I explore what it is to draw from memory, the imagination, concepts, prescribed patterns and intuitive processes. My own experience of the work is often transformative by allowing me to explore cognitive processes that underlie our emotional and conceptual relationship with the arts. 

Abstract and figurative painting is the central context within which I explore these questions but I also play saxophone, produce electronic music, videos, projections, installations, photographic works and performances that examine the complexities of exchange and attunement. My exhibitions often include live painting installations, live dance and music performances as well as editions, paintings of all sizes and projections."



























Studio view, 100 Grand Street, Soho, New York, 2016
Photo: Isaac Rosenthall




Claire Zakiewicz is an artist working in London, Venice and New York. Named in the New York's top ten artists list in Art511 magazine, 2018, her practice examines the physical and metaphorical relationships between sound and painting. She explores how this research can be applied within the context of performance, drawing, music, photography, installation and video projections.

Born in London, UK, Zakiewicz studied at Chelsea College of Art and Anglia Ruskin University and received an MA from Sir John Cass School of Art while exhibiting and performing widely in London and Bergen throughout the 2009's. Between 2009 and 2012 Zakiewicz was a member of the ensemble Fig. with composer Alwynne Pritchard and sound artist Thorolf Thuestad, who performed together in London, Bergen and New York. Her works were presented at Tate Tanks and Tate Britain, in the exhibitions Tweet Me Up, 2011 and Label, 2012 curated by Tracey Moberly.

Between 2013 and 2020, Zakiewicz was based in New York. She undertook numberous art residencies, including Mothership NYC, PointB Worklodge and Bill Young's Dance Studio, Soho. During her time in the USA Zakiewicz exhibited and performed at venues including The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, NOoSPHERE Arts, Last Frontier NYC, Mothership NYC, Plaxall Gallery, Itinerant Performing Arts Festival and Satellite Art Show (Miami).

Since 2020 Zakiewicz has reoriented back to the art scene in Europe and has had residencies at Cill Rialaig in Ireland and The Aldeburgh Beach Lookout in Suffolk, England. Now living and working in London, Zakiewicz has recently exhibited with artist/poet Sophie Seita in the duo show 'There's no way I can know it, the object or the body' at Hoxton 253 Arts Project Space. She has been collaborating with many London-based artists and performers including co-authors of the publication Performance Drawing: New Practices Since 1945, Birgitta Hosea and Carali McCall, Simon Tyszko of Resonance FM, improvisational musician Emily Suzanne Shapiro of 'Mellifera' Arts Platform and actor/writer Dannie-Lu Car. She performed and exhibited as part of the performance drawing event and exhibition curated by Ram Samocha 'Field of Action' in 2022. At the end of 2022 Claire staged a solo immersive performance painting during the closing month of the Venice Biennale 2022 titled Tintoretto's Daughter, she collaborated with the renowned Venice-based photographer Mark Edward Smith on a photography project exploring the possibilities of performance painting documentation, which was reviewed by William Kherbek for SPAM zine in his essay 'Posthuman, all too human'.

Her essay 'The Aesthetics of Failure' was published by Bloomsbury in 'The Aesthetics of Imperfection in Music and the Arts; Spontaneity, Flaws and the Unfinished', 2020.





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