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One More Time: An Exhibition and Symposium on Marking Time in Art, 2011
Performance and Lecture by Claire Zakiewicz
Curated by Anne Robinson
London Metropolitan University


This project involved several contemporary artists from diverse art practices including, performance, photography and film, working with ideas about marking and spatializing time. One More Time, ran for three days as an exhibition in the Libeskind Graduate Centre and the Old Boilerhouse at London Metropolitan University. Artists included, Steve Farrer, Rachel Gomme, David Howells, Rona Lee, Leibniz, Laura Malacart, Paul St George, William Raban, and Claire Zakiewicz. Curated by Anne Robinson, the exhibition examined concepts of perception, affect and the "elasticity of time in works of art." As noted by Robinson, "this research developed out of work seeking to understand the capture, storage and perception of time in 'painterly' surfaces to incorporate experimental and expanded film practices and performance." For One More Time Claire Zakiewicz presents her research into relationships between sound and drawing and performance a solo performance piece on each day of exhibition and her film works from her performances with Fig. were also exhibited in the main gallery.












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