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How Salty?

A performance on the art of submission and resourcefulness in the unconscious

Claire Zakiewicz and Siw Laurent present a soundscape and live drawing ensemble


Upcoming Performances:

Friday May 18, 8pm - Itinerant Performance Art Festival NYC

Saturday and Sunday June 2 & 3, 6pm - Greenpoint Open Studios



Photo Credit: Andy Isaacson








During the performance Zakiewicz uses her impulses, intuition and assertion to create a layered, improvised soundscape, which includes sounds of drawing, poetry and musical pieces which navigates movement through anticipation, tension, struggle, surrender, submission, resolution, resourcefulness in the unconscious and eventually abandonment.

Siw Laurent invokes a state of submission and deep listening to the present moment; blindfolded, animalistic and responding to impulses in a wordless communication with the live sounds from the speakers and the energy emanating from the audience. She expresses the interaction through automatic drawing, movement and vocalisation. 

Siw's response to these components and Zakiewicz's improvised soundscape is a reciprocal dialogue reflecting the essential and universal interrelatedness that drives the survival of community, humanity and culture.






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