How Salty?

A performance on the Art of Resourcefulness in the Unconsc

"Exceptional work merging shamanic channeling, contemporary art and electronic music. Transgressive masterpiece of live art." - Yannah Paradise, peformance artist







How Salty? Itinerant Performing Arts Festival, May, 2018

Siw Laurent: Active Body Listening
Claire Zakiewicz: Sound Design
Dannie Lu Carr: Poetry









How Salty? at Mothership Salon, May, 2018

Siw Laurent: Drawing and Active Body Listening
Claire Zakiewicz: Sound and Set Design
Dannie Lu Carr: Poetry and Voice





Claire Zakiewicz, in collaboration with performance artist and shaman Siw Laurent, presents a live soundscape and drawing ensemble where Laurent plays the role of a blindfolded 'automatic' draftswoman in dialogue and response to Zakiewicz's sounds, set design and the presence of the audience. This performance explores boundaries of duality and non-duality and degrees of taking and letting go of control in painting.

Zakiewicz has been developing a visual and sonic language based upon fundamental principles in drawing that are multi-modal - translatable across sound, sight and movement. She designs sound, stages environments and choreographs movements that make use of the Meisner acting technique and philosophy relating to presence of mind, improvisation, time, space and phenomenology. Her practice explores the physical and metaphorical relationships between sound, performance and drawing.

“I give control to an improviser who draws with a high level of semblance in their gestural mark making in response to the vibration and spirit of the space. Their impulses are embodied patterns - vitality affect contours (dynamic time-shapes) navigating through anticipation, tension and resolution. It’s a mediumistic act that must then be completed by the viewer." - Zakiewicz

Using Norse shamanic techniques and perspectives based on C.G. Jung’s theory on the collective unconscious, she enters an altered state of listening, submitting her body and voice to become what she is receiving with the purpose of retrieving vital universal information and guidance for the collective as a whole, which she expresses through a guttural language-less performance.

"By stepping beyond my sense of identity and persona, a merging with the quantum field of the audience and the collective unconscious is permitted to happen. This allows for the development of a bodily, sensorial interaction where the rational mind is unburdened by the responsibility of living life, and rather receives support in life's burdens from a deep place we all have access to. Native tribes across the world live in the acknowledgement of this collective field of wisdom, and what we practice here is a reconnection to something seemingly lost and a retrieval of what belongs to us by birth.” - Laurent 

This performance furthers Zakiewicz's academic research into the phenomenology and architecture of drawing. She is currently working with British Philosopher Andy Hamilton and Durham University for a volume on the Aesthetics of Imperfection.  Zakiewicz’s contribution is titled: Struggle and Surrender: Process and Material in Painting. 











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