I crafted characters such as a submissive blindfolded draftsperson who responds intuitively to touch or sound through gestural mark-making. I moved further away from the source of control by becoming a paintbrush as I was moved like a tool by a composer/choreographer through contact improvised dance. Musicians also controlled the drawing by manipulating the movements of dancers who also drew in response to their improvised soundscape. The role of the dancers was to truthfully respond to the sounds moment-to-moment within a prescribed set of limitations. - Claire Zakiewicz











Mothership August Salon
Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Mothership NYC
252 Green Street
Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NYC





Assembly is a collaborative live act organized by Claire Zakiewicz featuring the following artists:




Mariana Alviarez - Dance
Marcus Cummins - Saxophone
Aaron Moore - Percussion
Lenna Pierce - Cello and Voice
Claire Zakiewicz - Live Drawing


Venezuelan artist, Mariana Alviarez is based between New York and Buenos Aires. She is a dancer, actress, performer, dance educator, choreographer and researcher. She has been working with several dance and drama companies, in both multimedia projects and films. With a BA in International Studies, she aims to create spaces for the development of the performing arts, facilitating exchanges between anthropology, folklore, international culture and social studies. She has performed her own projects in Venezuela, USA, Argentina, Chile, PerĂº, Ecuador, and Spain.

British saxophonist Marcus Cummins has been associated with the UK free and improvised music scene since the early 90's. He has worked extensively as a solo artist, in duo's and larger bands but is perhaps best known internationally for his involvement in Trevor Watts' 'Celebration Band'. Marcus then studied music at Leeds City College of Music and Dartington College of Arts. During this time studying primarily jazz and Indian music (with the council of many masters such as Bobby Wellins; Evan Parker; Paul Dunmall and Dharambir Singh) he developed a personal style unlike that of any of his contemporaries.

Aaron Moore is an Englishman residing in Brooklyn, New York and is a founding member of the English experimental group Volcano The Bear, formed in 1995. Primarily a drummer he generally considers any instrument or object playable in one way or another. Moore's current projects include Brooklyn-based group Gospel of Mars and a duo project with Norwegian Erik K Skodvin.

Lenna Pierce (AKA Meaner Pencil) is a cellist, vocalist, memoirist, and music reviewer who has performed in the filthiest subway stations of New York City as well as at medieval French churches and turn of the century Swiss theaters, house shows in Paris, Barcelona and Berlin, and artist co-ops in Lincoln Nebraska. 

Claire Zakiewicz is a British born multi-media artist. Her ongoing research is focused towards examining the physical and metaphorical relationships between sound and drawing. This research has been a scientific and philosophical practice-based enquiry - thinking through making. Her animated films have been shown at Tate Tanks and Tate Modern (London) for the exhibitions Tweet Me Up and Label curated by Tracey Moberly. She has exhibited regularly throughout the UK, USA, Italy and Norway and has produced and performed in numerous productions and international institutions including, Resonance FM (UK), ARTIsm3160 (Venice, Italy), USF (Norway), Bill Young's Dance Studio (NYC), Mothership NYC, Last Frontier NYC, Itinerant Performance Arts Festival (NYC). Zakiewicz studied Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art, London and Anglia Polytechnic University, Cambridge, before completing a research-based MFA at Sir John Cass School of Art, London. This research examined how the body experiences the world through the study of our perceptions, and how we conceptualize objects, frames, repetition and embodied patterns.




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