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Performance is Alive

Satellite Art Show, Miami 

1655 Meridian Avenue. Miami Beach,FL 33139


7:30pm daily: Claire Zakiewicz (NYC, USA/ London, UK), Itinerant

November 30 - December 4, 2021



Performance conceived and directed: Claire Zakiewicz
Camera and editing: Claire Zakiewicz
Music: Lenna Pierce
Actor: Siw Laurent

To be itinerant is to travel on foot, connected to the ground while in motion. This work by performance painter Claire Zakiewicz includes a series of processes that explores the balance of control and surrender through experiments in remote painting and musical scoring. At the Itinerant Performance Festival in New York, 2018, she relinquished direct control of her drawing materials to a proxy, blindfolded performer Siw Laurent, and instructed Siw to use her training in shamanic techniques and deep body listening to respond to Zakiewicz’s improvised soundscape with improvised drawing. For the next step, through remote collaboration in 2020, Zakiewicz and Lenna Pierce created a new sound design for the edited video documentation of the original live performance to produce this new video work.


Satellite Art Show and Performance Is Alive continue their 5-year collaboration by exclusively spotlighting contemporary performance art and time-based media at this year’s Miami Art Week. Unlike any other fair, Satellite serves as a home to performers and offers guests a rare opportunity to engage directly with the artists. Performance artists return to live actions, some choosing to engage virtually and others performing at an interactive distance. As the week progresses, the fair installation evolves not only through the performances presented, but the performance artifacts that remain.

Alongside a robust daytime program, SATELLITE will also host invigorating and curated experiences with musical performances, drag shows and revitalizing classic underground performative parties. SATELLITE will be located just three blocks from Art Basel at the corner of Meridian and Lincoln Road. Returning to the curatorial team is Quinn Dukes of Performance is Alive and Satellite founder, Brian Andrew Whiteley.

Satellite Art Show radically re-envisions what an art fair should be. Expect over 30 live performance artists presenting fiercely challenging new works, drag shows, an interactive "Billy Joel / Piano Man" bar, a pop-up performative hippy bus and after-hours musical activations. Alongside a robust daytime program, SATELLITE will be hosting invigorating and curated experiences with musical performances, drag shows and revitalizing classic underground performative parties.

TICKETS: Day Pass $20 | Week Pass $40

Visitors are encouraged to purchase a week pass to experience the ever changing activations within the fair
Email info to request a free pass (subject to availability)








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