Off-Site project, 58th Venice Biennale 

May 10 - 30, 2019
Open by appointment or during the following events
Video projection (window) 8:00pm - 8:00am

Schedule of Events:

Preview and Performance
Friday May 10
1:30 - 2:30pm
Dannie-Lu Carr and Claire Zakiewicz

Opening Reception and Performance
Saturday May 11
6:30 - 9:00pm
Claire Zakiewicz

Japanese Calligraphy Workshop
Sunday May 12
9am - 4pm
Anita Cerpelloni and Claire Zakiewicz

Wednesday May 15
7:00 - 8:00pm
Paul Morgan and Claire Zakiewicz

Closing Reception and Performance
Thursday May 30
7:00 - 9:00pm
Hector Canonge and Claire Zakiewicz

Salizzada Malipiero
San Marco, 
3209/A - 3160

Venice, Italy



ARTI3160 Gallery presents IMPRECISION: The Aesthetics of Failure featuring new works by Claire Zakiewicz. Please join the artist for the closing reception and a series of performances with accompanying artists including, Hector Canonge, on Thursday May 30, 2019. 

IMPRECISION: The Aesthetics of Failure examines the tensions between failure and perfection: the techniques, limitations and the implications. "In my drawings, I've noticed that aiming for something ugly can produce beauty. Failure creates new pathways; it disrupts prescribed patterns," says Zakiewicz. "Drawing blindfolded with one’s attention on something other than the drawing, almost, always produces a quality of line, unity and balance of shapes - even - or more prominently, as control moves further away." 
Zakiewicz asks: What is failure? How does failure relate to imperfection? We often think of failure as the opposite of success, however, in many ways, failure can be associated with eliminating expectation or a state of not "consciously" aiming for pure perfection. Embracing "failure" per se can often lead to a more balanced symmetry. So, is failure the resolution? 

Alongside Zakiewicz's solo exhibition, a selection of her video works are featured in Alive In the Universe curated by Caroline Wiseman and David Baldry at the Palazzo Pesaro Parafava, Venice. The exhibition includes artists from varying disciplines such as Sarah Lucas, Julian Simmons, Maggi Hambling and Eileen Haring Woods. For more information click here.

A detailed narration on Zakiewicz's experience in Venice has been published in the form of diary entries in Creatrix and ART511 magazine. To follow the artist visit here.

Download exhibition catalogue here






Photo: documentation of How Salty? The Art of Resourcefulness in the Unconscious with Siw Laurent: drawing and active body listening, 2018

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